Crystals for Depression

Not every problem has a clear solution or explanation. This is something I feel rings true with many emotional problems most people face.  Depression and anxiety are such common mental disorders that still hold a stigma around them.  While sometimes these issues can embed and root themselves deep within, they can also just dwell on the surface, making the break out of a spell much easier.

Which ever depth of depression and/or anxiety you suffer from, all help is good help.  Even if it is something as simple as taking comfort in a mineral.  Remember to always seek all possible avenues to alleviate your depression and/or anxiety to find what works best for you. While medication is an excellent option for some, it isn’t for everyone.  Exploring your possibilities is the first step to becoming a happier you.



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Julep Orbital Eyeshadow

The Julep Multidimensional Orbital Eyeshadow’s can really lure you in with their dual tone rich color façade.  But don’t be fooled.

I was really excited to try these and wanted to buy the whole set, but thought it best to start with one or two. These shadows have such an amazing color range that I was instantly in love.  But that love didn’t last once I revived the two shadows.

I purchased the colors Borealis & Moonbeam. While they look brilliant, it seems as though Julep spent more time on the packaging then they did on the formula of their product.  I understand not everyone wants high pigmented shadows, but these went on chalky, dusty and fairly translucent.  The worst part,  the wear time is a max of four hours.  Not a good combination for a product that cost $18.00 a pop for a single shadow ($14.40 if you are a Julep Maven).


I have even had two other friends try them out and both have the same complaints.  It really is a shame, these could have been a really something great.

Better luck next time, Julep.

May Starlooks StarBox


It seems to be that the StarBox by Starlooks is a secret little gem.  I don’t really hear or see this box being spoken about a whole lot and happened to stumble across it a few months ago.  I have not yet once been disappointed by this box in the three months I have received it.  Each box comes with 3-4 full sized products for $17.00. That is right, full size professional products for only seventeen dollars a month.  A total steal.

This month I received a Luxe Longwear lip pencil in the shade Sultry Sangrita ,  which I love. This is a very neutral color and glides on like a dream. I absolutely love this formula and honestly, I want one in every color.

The second lip product I received was a lip gloss in the shade, Pearl Necklace.  This is a sheer gloss with a hint of shimmer and sparkles in it.  A lovely product on its own or on top of your favorite lip sick/color.

Lastly, I received the Volume Mascara. I have not tried this one out just yet, but super excited to do so.

I am going to include the last two months boxes here as well, because I absolutely love the brow palette & the shadow palette.  They are products I reach for all the time. Enjoy!

April Box 

5 Shade Shadow Palette in Morocco
Eye Pencil in White
Clear Make Up Bag

March Box 

Brow Compact
Lip Gloss in Daring
Lip Pencil in Tickle Me Pink

Jeffree Star… WHAT?!

I am kind of freaking out here.  Now for those of you who don’t know, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has been taking over the matte liquid lipstick world in a fierce way. I actually have a review on the color Scorpio coming up as soon as I can fix my camera (hence the lack of posts lately).

Before getting in too deep here, let me just say… I have an undying love for Jeffree Star.  He might not be for everyone, but the bitch has major game and the newest surprises from his cosmetic line have me envious in the worst way.  Before I know it, I will own every product made.

But let’s get into why I am so excited about his make-up line today. In a little over two weeks, the line will be launching their first ever highlighters and full shadow palette. The colors are just to die for.

First, the palette.  The colors are not only stunning, but the formula looks like a buttery soft dream.

Check out the video for swatches of the full palette.

Second, the highlighters.  Now the mint green is probably one most people won’t buy, but I will give it a try, even if it is for shits and giggles.  I love highlighter, I have an obsession with it and can never have too many.  My need to highlight like a damn sparkling vampire is real and these highlighters, are speaking my language.

Check out the video for each swatch:

These new products launch May 25, so get your bank accounts ready for the pillaging!



Let’s talk brushes!

I have a slight brush obsession, especially when they are on sale.  So when this $236.00 brush set went on sale for a fraction of the price, I couldn’t say no.

They are comprised of synthetic bristles  and are the softest brushes I have ever felt and used.  They lay shadows and powders down like silk and blend like a dream.  I can not say enough amazing things about them!  Did I mention how fancy they are?

The only negative comment I have is the gold metal of the blush brush seems loose against the wood handle, but I would still purchase them regardless. These are a set you can not pass up!

You can find them on the Terre Mere site to buy the full set or individual brushes that meet your make up needs.