Potion Purple Craze Disneyland Edition

Disney knows how to nail it… and hype it. With a cult leading fanbase, Disney Parks aims to please when it comes to releasing new merch and park delights, the Potion Purple wave that is sweeping Disney Princesses and Creeps alike is the newest kid on the block.

Just like its predecessors Millennial Pink and Rose Gold, Potion Purple does not disappoint. While purple is not my favorite color, leave it to Disney to make the most enchanting and alluring purple on the market.

Before digging into to all the purple offerings, let’s explore the history of the color. Yes, I am that kind of blogger. I love history and will take any chance possible to peer into the past of any subject. While it is common knowledge that purple has been a color for the royal and wealthy throughout most of human history, we must ask why.

The answer is fairly simple. Purple dye was obtained from a area that is now modern day Lebanon, extracted from a small mollusk uniquely indigenous to the region. As you can imagine, it would take an enormous amount of mollusks to produce the dye, making it a commodity of high value.

The colors elite status in English Society lead to a law enforced by Queen Elizabeth I her self declaring only members of the royal family were allowed to adorn the precious color. This insured that wealthy and status would become a strict symbol of the royal family.

It wouldn’t be until 1856 that purple became a color that even the lesser classes could afford to adorn with the creation of a synthetic purple compound by chemist William Henry Perkin.

Spiritually, a purple aura indicates creativity, enlightenment and ideas. It also connects with the crown chakra, the color of wisdom and spirituality. A rich history indeed.

Disney by no means has ignored the importance and history behind this striking color with their newest addition of potion purple. Creating mysterious shifting goods fine enough for the most noble born princess… or villain.

But enough rambling, show us the goods!

Delectable Treats

Purple Glove Macaron – a delectable macaron with a blackberry and currant buttercream and jam center. Found at: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe (Main Street, USA on the corner just before adventure land); Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream/Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe (Buena Vista Street in California Adventure just before the circle).

Image via wdwnt.com

Purple Rose – a blueberry mouse surrounding a blackberry, currant and lemon center. Found at: Red Rose Taverne (In Fantasyland across from Casey Jr. Circus Train).

Image via wdwnt.com

Lavender Milk Tea – a delicious boba concoction of lemon, lavender sugar and purple whipped cream. Found at Red Rose Taverne (In Fantasyland across from Casey Jr. Circus Train).

Image via wdwnt.com

Purple Fish Tacos – a crunchy baja-style fish taco topped with purple cabbage and a spicy filled lime aioli paired with blue corn chips. Found at Rancho del Zocalo (In Frontierland around the corner from Shootin’ Exposition ).

Image via wdwnt.com

Jamaican Freeze – a blended frozen drink bursting with candied hibiscus flowers. Found at Rancho del Zocalo (In Frontierland around the corner from Shootin’ Exposition).

Image via wdwnt.com

Purple Churro – a perfectly crispy churro coated with purple sugar. Found in Critter Country.

Image via wdwnt.com

Taro Pancakes – fluffy mouthwatering taro batter pancakes topped with purple Chantilly cream and crème anglaise. Found at River Belle Terrace (at the tri-corner of Frontierland, New Orleans Quarter and Adventureland).

Image via wdwnt.com

Berry Berry Purple Cobbler– a crumbly cobbler topped with a blueberry cream cheese ice cream and purple berry drizzle. Found at Lamplight Lounge (at Disneyland California Adventure at the entrance to Pixar Pier).

Image via disneyfoodblog.com

Purple Cake Pop – a bite-sized cake adorned with chocolate Mickey ears and dipped in raspberry white chocolate. Found at Candy Palace, Pooh Corner, Trolley Treats and Marceline’s Confectionery.

Image Via Disney.com

Purple Potion Color-Changing Drink – a color changing cocktail of Redemption Rye Whiskey, Ginger Infused Simple Syrup and Butterfly pea tea with a side shot of lemon juice. Found at Lamplight Lounge (at Disneyland California Adventure at the entrance to Pixar Pier).

Found via disneyfoodblog.com


This list is short but sweet. Featured at Disneyland you’ll find the famed sought after ears, sequence backpack with matching wallet (both by Loungefly), Spirit Jersey, Micky T-Shirt and Vacation Mode Water Bottle.

Image via wdwnt.com

Now… time to raid the shops!

Crystals for Depression

Not every problem has a clear solution or explanation. This is something I feel rings true with many emotional problems most people face.  Depression and anxiety are such common mental disorders that still hold a stigma around them.  While sometimes these issues can embed and root themselves deep within, they can also just dwell on the surface, making the break out of a spell much easier.

Which ever depth of depression and/or anxiety you suffer from, all help is good help.  Even if it is something as simple as taking comfort in a mineral.  Remember to always seek all possible avenues to alleviate your depression and/or anxiety to find what works best for you. While medication is an excellent option for some, it isn’t for everyone.  Exploring your possibilities is the first step to becoming a happier you.




I am discovering quite a number of short films on YouTube that are out of this world and need to be shared.  So I have decided to add these hidden gems as I find them.

First up, Dawn.  A short film by Rose McGowan, who has had quite a life story and Hollywood story herself.  I don’t really want to go into too much about this movie, because I really just don’t want to give anything away.  But, I think Dawn is a girl most girls in their early teens who are discovering boys, can relate to.  The excitement, the fear and all of the what if’s.

This film was beautifully directed, making me curious to find out what movies Rose has for us in the future.  Spoiler: It might not end as you thought.

So with that said, enjoy Dawn!


Dusty Lavender / Dusty Lilac

Spring is here and with spring comes the flood of bright pastels to just about everything imaginable.  While I am a fan of black, white and various shades of grey when it comes to clothing, I do have a soft spot for “dusty” colors.

What are the “dusty” colors? Usually pastel or light colors diluted with white or grey (depending on your medium) to create a dusty effect on the color. These colors are beautifully haunting and a perfect way for us shadow lurkers to add a splash of color.

On a spiritual level, lavender and lilac connect with the crown Chakra and evokes spiritual healing, tranquility, ease of tension, calmness, purification and higher consciousness.  To invoke the benefits of these colors, burn a lavender or lilac candle or keep a piece of amethyst nearby.

Beginners Painting Tip: If you are starting from the primary colors, you want to start with red and blue to make the desired violet shade.  Start with equal parts then add in more red or more blue to make the exact hue you want. Now tint the color by adding white and experiment with adding black and see what you get!


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