You Netflix Original Show

Have you been living under a rock? Oh no? …Then by now you must have either heard of or binge watched this show by now. If not, I would love to hear your measly excuses. I would advise you not to read further if you are avoiding any spoilers.

This show absolutely sucked me in, gluing me to my laptop for two days straight. If you love serial killer drama’s, this is the show for you. What I really loved about this series is how they portray Joe ( aka secret stalker serial killer from hell ) in such a light you practically feel bad for him, making excuses for all his wrong doings – no matter how bad those wrong doings were.

Joe deliberately takes advantage of social media, making psychological assumptions of his victims to validate his actions and stalker behavior. You are offered bits and pieces into Joe’s childhood, but never the full story. These bits and pieces give you clues to why Joe is well… Joe.

To keep this short and sweet without giving too much away, my only gripe about this series would be the ending. While I do love the cliffhanger, letting us all know there will be a second series, I don’t appreciate the ending. It feels as it was the typical ending to simply, “end things”. I personally feel it could have been more suspenseful and engaging, having Joe and Beck’s “ending” parallel to Joe and Candace’s “ending”.

So without further rambling checking out the trailer below and watch ‘You’ on netflix!