ReMoved & ReMoved Part 2

YouTube movies always amaze me. The emotion and passion the film makers and actors put into these projects is always so inspirational.  After watching Dawn by Rose McGowan, ReMoved and ReMoved Part 2 was recommended.  These two films are heartbreaking as well as heartwarming, you might shed a few tears, but they are well worth it.

While watching these I began to wonder, how many children are subjected to this kind of life.  Abuse, emotional trauma, having what they love taken away from them time and time again.  Then I start to wonder, how can I help?  A question I am still trying to figure out. But until I find that answer, I can help by sharing these films with my little audience and hope that in return they will share with their audience and maybe, just maybe in that chain of sharing complete strangers posts, something good will come from somewhere.


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