Julep Orbital Eyeshadow

The Julep Multidimensional Orbital Eyeshadow’s can really lure you in with their dual tone rich color façade.  But don’t be fooled.

I was really excited to try these and wanted to buy the whole set, but thought it best to start with one or two. These shadows have such an amazing color range that I was instantly in love.  But that love didn’t last once I revived the two shadows.

I purchased the colors Borealis & Moonbeam. While they look brilliant, it seems as though Julep spent more time on the packaging then they did on the formula of their product.  I understand not everyone wants high pigmented shadows, but these went on chalky, dusty and fairly translucent.  The worst part,  the wear time is a max of four hours.  Not a good combination for a product that cost $18.00 a pop for a single shadow ($14.40 if you are a Julep Maven).


I have even had two other friends try them out and both have the same complaints.  It really is a shame, these could have been a really something great.

Better luck next time, Julep.

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