Dusty Lavender / Dusty Lilac

Spring is here and with spring comes the flood of bright pastels to just about everything imaginable.  While I am a fan of black, white and various shades of grey when it comes to clothing, I do have a soft spot for “dusty” colors.

What are the “dusty” colors? Usually pastel or light colors diluted with white or grey (depending on your medium) to create a dusty effect on the color. These colors are beautifully haunting and a perfect way for us shadow lurkers to add a splash of color.

On a spiritual level, lavender and lilac connect with the crown Chakra and evokes spiritual healing, tranquility, ease of tension, calmness, purification and higher consciousness.  To invoke the benefits of these colors, burn a lavender or lilac candle or keep a piece of amethyst nearby.

Beginners Painting Tip: If you are starting from the primary colors, you want to start with red and blue to make the desired violet shade.  Start with equal parts then add in more red or more blue to make the exact hue you want. Now tint the color by adding white and experiment with adding black and see what you get!


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