Let’s talk brushes!

I have a slight brush obsession, especially when they are on sale.  So when this $236.00 brush set went on sale for a fraction of the price, I couldn’t say no.

They are comprised of synthetic bristles  and are the softest brushes I have ever felt and used.  They lay shadows and powders down like silk and blend like a dream.  I can not say enough amazing things about them!  Did I mention how fancy they are?

The only negative comment I have is the gold metal of the blush brush seems loose against the wood handle, but I would still purchase them regardless. These are a set you can not pass up!

You can find them on the Terre Mere site to buy the full set or individual brushes that meet your make up needs.



Where did I go?

Vegas, baby!  While I have not been in Vegas for the last two weeks, the week before going to Vegas was extremely busy leaving me no time to really post.  Which I have to say did such because I have so many things to post about.  So expect the coming weeks to be full of amazing things.

So while I start working on my next post (pst… if you have an obsession for make up brushes, you wont want to miss it)  here are a few Vegas photos.


Ps. Sorry, I forgot my camera at home so… iphone photos for the win!


I am discovering quite a number of short films on YouTube that are out of this world and need to be shared.  So I have decided to add these hidden gems as I find them.

First up, Dawn.  A short film by Rose McGowan, who has had quite a life story and Hollywood story herself.  I don’t really want to go into too much about this movie, because I really just don’t want to give anything away.  But, I think Dawn is a girl most girls in their early teens who are discovering boys, can relate to.  The excitement, the fear and all of the what if’s.

This film was beautifully directed, making me curious to find out what movies Rose has for us in the future.  Spoiler: It might not end as you thought.

So with that said, enjoy Dawn!


Spring Beautycon Box

Let me pause right here and state. I adore Bunny. I adore her youtube channel and I really adore her as a inspiration for young girls.  With that said, I have such mixed feelings about this box.

The Beautycon Box was one that I have wanted to sign up for but was hesitant because I wasn’t sure it was worth the price. I do now definitely feel you get what you pay for in these boxes, one item alone in this spring box is a $20 gift certificate to Dolls Kill.  I’m just not over the moon about this box in particular.

Let’s review what goodies filled this box.

1800’s Baby Doll Key Chain
Dolls Kill Gift Card – $20
Essential-C Day Moisture by Murad
Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray by NYX
Mirco Mini Beauty Blender’s
NCLA Designer Nail Wraps
Power Of Love Natural Lipstick by Pacifica
SkinActive Charcoal Makeup Wipes by Garnier
The Rock Nudes Eye Shadow Palette by Maybelline
They’re Real! Mascara by Benifit
Tie Dye Hair Ties
Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Masque Exfoliate by Glamglow


So what do I like from this box?

I really love Murad products, so that is a given.  I love the Pacifica lipstick, this color lasts and is really moisturizing.  I absolutely adore the Micro Mini Beauty Blender’s, Dolls Kill gift card and custom made key chain.  Those are all very much a plus.  I do love the images on the nail wraps and will probably love the product, I just have not had time to apply them and try them out. Same goes with the Glamglow masque.

I am indifferent to the hair ties. A hair tie is a hair tie and who couldn’t use more laying around? Also I would say I am pretty indifferent to the mascara as a product, as well. As a brand, I do not use Benefit due to their non cruelty free status.

The NYX setting spray, I can’t see myself loving this more then my Tarte Rain forest of the Sea Spray or my Urban Decay Setting Spray for oily skin. But we will see.

Now what do I seriously dislike? The wipes and the palette. I really just hate them to be honest and I gave them a really good shot!

The palette. Okay I love these colors. Color wise, this palette was made for me. But… I hate the formula. These shadows do not blend well nor do they have a long wear time, even with the most sticky intensive base I could possibly use.  Maybe it is just my oily skin, but these were a total miss for me. I really wish maybe a higher-end smaller palette was included. Just not, this.  Also, Maybelline is not a cruelty free brand which was another reason it was very disappointing to receive this in the box.


The Garnier makeup wipes.  I am not a Garnier fan plus, where is the charcoal? I thought charcoal was black.  Every other natural product out there turns black due to the color of the charcoal, these are white. Which makes me wonder what kind of process do these have to undergo to make them white and how do those chemicals react with your body?

Brands that are cruelty free in this box:

Beauty Blender

Brands that are NOT cruelty free in this box:


Now don’t let my dislike for the palette and wipes dissuaded you purchasing this box. I did love more then I disliked and the artwork that was put into this box was really lovely.  My suggestion is for you to try everything out for yourselves and remember, just because I am really anti cruelty free doesn’t mean what you will buy, use and try has to be as well.  It is just my personal choice when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products.

With that, I will leave you with Bunny’s video.

Dusty Lavender / Dusty Lilac

Spring is here and with spring comes the flood of bright pastels to just about everything imaginable.  While I am a fan of black, white and various shades of grey when it comes to clothing, I do have a soft spot for “dusty” colors.

What are the “dusty” colors? Usually pastel or light colors diluted with white or grey (depending on your medium) to create a dusty effect on the color. These colors are beautifully haunting and a perfect way for us shadow lurkers to add a splash of color.

On a spiritual level, lavender and lilac connect with the crown Chakra and evokes spiritual healing, tranquility, ease of tension, calmness, purification and higher consciousness.  To invoke the benefits of these colors, burn a lavender or lilac candle or keep a piece of amethyst nearby.

Beginners Painting Tip: If you are starting from the primary colors, you want to start with red and blue to make the desired violet shade.  Start with equal parts then add in more red or more blue to make the exact hue you want. Now tint the color by adding white and experiment with adding black and see what you get!


Dust Lavender Board on Pinterest